Foreign Worker

The Canadian economy is growing and new jobs are being created. Some of these jobs cannot be occupied by the Canadian workforce because of the shortage of skilled workers. In order to support the growth of its economy, Canada accepts foreign workers to fill these open positions not occupied by the local workforce. Under these circumstances, it is possible to come to Canada under the temporary foreign worker program. As a foreign worker, before coming to Canada, you need to apply for a work permit at a Canadian visa office or IRCC responsible for your country of residence or citizenship. Ensure that you choose the right work permit as there are different kinds of work permits. There are special work permits available for business people, live-in caregivers and workers in the agricultural sector.

Furthermore, there are some additional requirements for work permits: the employer should apply to ESDC for a Labour Market Impact Assessment (LMIA). A positive LMIA demonstrates that there is a legitimate need for a foreign worker when no Canadian worker is available to fill in the demand. A confirmation letter is sent to the employer in case of a positive LMIA. The worker can only apply for a work permit once an employer receives a positive LMIA. For this purpose, a worker needs: the LMIA number, a copy of the LMIA, a contract and a job offer letter. Since the Canadian visa application process can be overwhelming and quite complex, it is recommended that one uses the services of a reliable professional immigration agency.

INFO Immigration Centre for Application Inc. is one of the reliable Canadian based immigration agencies. It is a Federal Corporation specialized in Immigration and Recruitment, helping individuals to immigrate to Canada and to find work placement. The agency is authorized by CIC to counsel and represent its clients. INFO Immigration Center has been a member of ICCRC, CAPIC, and ACIA since its creation and subsequently, developed into a trustworthy immigration agency with great expertise. It is a well-known and appreciated establishment because of its contributions in helping to build a community of immigrants valued around the world.  Furthermore, the agency is licensed by the Saskatchewan Immigration. The professional immigration consultants working for the agency have a wealth of expertise, knowledge, and practice in different programs that Canada and its provinces offer to potential immigrants. INFO Immigration is up to date and well informed with any changes in provincial or federal regulations that may impact upon its clients.