AINP 2018

The Provincial Nominee Program of Alberta is known as AINP. Interested candidates with the skills and experience determined by the province may receive an Alberta Provincial Nomination Certificate through this program (AINP 2018). This certificate will help them during the entire immigration process.

Currently, AINP has three main immigration categories. However, starting from January 2, 2018, some changes are coming to AINP streams. Instead of three streams, the AINP 2018 will reduce the number of available streams to two. Applicants across all sectors and industries in Alberta will be benefited by these changes as it will reduce the wait times by simplifying the application process and making it overall a fair process for them.

Effective from January 2, 2018, prospective applicants of AINP 2018 will be able to apply under the following two streams:

  • Alberta Opportunity Stream
  • Self-Employed farmer Stream


Alberta Opportunity Stream

Starting from January 2, 2018 candidates of AINP 2018 can apply under Alberta Opportunity Stream, which replaces the previous Employer-Driven Stream and Strategic Recruitment Stream. If you apply to the Alberta Opportunity Stream before January 2, 2018, your application will not be approved. The AINP website will be updated with further information in January 2018, which will explain how to apply to this stream.

To apply under this category, individuals must fulfill some criteria. They must have a valid temporary resident status in Canada, which will authorize them to work in Canada. The work permit should be valid and they must meet the language test score determined by the province. They must have at least a Canadian high school diploma degree or equivalent and should be working in the same occupation when the application will be accessed for the nomination.

Good news is, Any NOC skill level will be qualified from 2018 (skills level 0, A, B, C, D). However, there are some occupations under the NOC list which Alberta will consider as ineligible click here to see the list.

Though the whole process will be declared about the new AINP in January 2018. As per above discussion, it’s quite likely that this stream will work for the people who are already in Canada with temporary work/study visa. It means people currently living outside Canada Might not be able to apply. However, details can only be confirmed once AINP publish detailed procedure on 2018.

Self-Employed Farmer Stream

Foreign nationals who are interested in buying land for farming in Alberta  can apply under this category. To be eligible-Foreign nationals who are interested in buying land for farming in Alberta  can apply under this category. To be eligible-

  • Individuals must have previous knowledge and experience on farming.
  • They should be able to invest a minimum of CDN $500,000, which is legally documented.
  • They must live in Alberta permanently to take care of their farm by their own.

At INFO Immigration Centre for Application Inc., you will get more details on how to apply for AINP 2018 under these new two categories. Also, keep an eye on our Facebook page as we will keep posting once we get an update.