Nova Scotia is Interested in Doctors

Due to a constant shortage of family doctors, Nova Scotia plans to ease the immigration process for the doctors, who are internationally trained and already have a job offer. Lena Diab, the Immigration Minister confirmed the approval of this stream under the provincial nominee program, which looks for skilled immigrants.

Educational Credential Assessment

ECA or Educational Credential Assessment research your educational achievements to compare them with Canadian available educational standards. There are few authorized organisations to certify your educational achievements to a Canadian standard.

Below we have listed the name of those designated organizations from where you can get your ECA. Remember, ECA’s only from these organizations will be accepted.

Proof of Funds

Money is an important factor to consider when you are applying for Express Entry. Whether it is the Federal Skilled Worker Program or the Federal Skilled Trades Program, you must show that the money you have is enough to support yourself and your family in Canada. You must keep these following things in mind:

Coming to Canada as a Foreign Worker

The Canadian economy is growing and new jobs are being created. Some of these jobs cannot be occupied by the Canadian workforce because of the shortage of skilled workers. In order to support the growth of its economy, Canada accepts foreign workers to fill these open positions not occupied by the local workforce. Under these circumstances,